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Artificial Intelligence of Things
for patients and healthcare professionals

Aritium Platform

Aritium Platform materializes the concept of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) by integrating and combining IoT (Internet of Things) with AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the development of end-to-end solutions in an agile and simple way. This AIoT platform provides our clients with a comprehensive and remote view of healthcare facilities and their patients through innovative technological solutions that address real-world problems practically and effectively.

Our platform enables smart, efficient, real-time management of infrastructures and assets that support the medical care, automation of processes and optimization of resource usage in healthcare centers.

Furthermore, Aritium Platform ensures continuous control over the health and well-being of patients, due to continuous and automatic monitoring of vital signs, sleep quality or the environment, along with the implementation of advanced analytics and predictive algorithms for early detection of patterns, trends, and alerts for potential health issues.

Collect and

Analyze and
provide intelligence

IOT: Collect and Activate

To collect data efficiently and securely, we deploy encrypted end-to-end private LoRaWAN® networks. Aritium stands out as the world's leading reference in the implementation of this long-range and low-power communication standard in hospitals and healthcare centers, and it is also an active member of the LoRa Alliance®.

Then, we install IoT devices that collect and measure the required data: Oxygen consumption, energy consumption, temperature, humidity, air quality, patient vital signs, mobile asset tracking, etc.

Once the required data is collected, we transform it into valuable information by applying necessary business logic and leveraging our know-how through the alerts and notification system (SMS, email, or phone) and real-time visualization panels.

AI: Analyze and Provide Intelligence

Aritium stands out by combining IoT with AI to offer added value through data analysis. For this purpose, we develop advanced analytics dashboards and implement KPIs to extract maximum value from data, achieve significant efficiencies, and provide a clear and detailed view of the status of facilities and patients.

Moreover, we also provide intelligence to our system by implementing predictive Machine Learning algorithms which are able to predict trends, identify patterns, and anticipate crucial issues for our clients' strategic and operational decision-making.


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